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Our Symbol

The symbol for Christ Church is called the ChiRho.


The X in the symbol is the Greek letter Chi, and the P is the Greek letter Rho. Those Greek letters are the first two letters of the name Christ, and they are the earliest symbol for Christ found in the catacombs in Rome, where 2nd century Christians worshiped during severe persecution.

We have chosen this symbol as our own, because we value the inseparable link we are privileged to have with the historic church through the gospel of grace that was “once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3).

As Harvest Bible Chapel in our first five years and now as Christ Church, we have only flown and must only fly one flag—Christ crucified. He's the one we worship. He's the one we preach. He's the one we follow.

We pray that our historic symbol will mark our unwavering commitment to exalt Jesus Christ in everything we do in our modern context as Christ Church.