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Peoria Studies

Studies are for you. Whether young or old, stay-at-home mom or corporate executive, single or married, man or woman—studies are for you. Studies give you a place to learn the Bible and grow with others so you become more like Jesus and are better equipped for the mission.

Winter 2019

Core studies are designed to equip both men and women with comprehensive biblical and theological training. Men's studies and women's studies offer an environment in which you can study God's Word and explore its application with other men and women.

Core Studies

Better Bible Study

It is vital for every Christian to know how to study the Bible. You should be able to dig into God’s Word yourself to rightly divide and live out all that the Bible contains. This class is not meant to be a heavy theological dissertation addressed to academics. It is intended for all kinds of Christians who are serious about studying the Bible carefully and interpreting it properly.

7 weeks • Wednesdays (Jan 16–Feb 27) • 7:00–8:15 pm • Teacher: Seth Kleeberger

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Church History at a Glance

We must understand our times by understanding church history. You will survey Christian history from the pre-Christian Jewish and Greco-Roman background through the early Roman, medieval, and Reformation eras, and up to the present. Through this study you will learn God’s sovereign plan for man and nations and leave with a better understanding of where we have come from and why our faith takes the shape that it does now.

7 weeks • Wednesdays (Jan 16–Feb 27) • 7:00–8:15pm • Teacher: Dr. Randall Downs

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Missions: Our Mandate Local and Abroad

What God’s Word says about His plan for the world and our role and purpose in it all is a pattern. You will learn through the study of God’s Word why we must pursue disciple-making movements locally and abroad. This course is very practical and we will build plans that include your role is in His Kingdom to bring about His Glory to every nation.

7 weeks • Wednesdays (Jan 16–Feb 27) • 7:00–8:15 pm • Teachers: Dr. Mark Kreitzer & Kirk VanMaanen

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Women's Study

Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer

All day, every day, an invisible war rages around you – unseen, unheard, yet felt throughout every aspect of your life. Get armed with God’s Word and discipline to protect your heart, your mind, your marriage, your children, your relationships, and your resilience. God’s plan depends on you knowing His Word and how He has equipped you for His Glorious battle.

8 weeks • Thursdays (Jan 24–Mar 14) • 9:00–11:00 am • Video Teaching • Cost: $10 registration + childcare cost (if needed)

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Men's Study

Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller

Work is a calling. This is a book study describing what the Bible says about work. We must weave faith and work together in the workplace by practicing a worldview that puts God at the center of our convictions about work. This study will give men new perspectives about how your work is redeemed by the Gospel.

7 weeks • Saturdays (Jan 19–Mar 2) • 7:30–9:00 am • Led by: Randy Slezak

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